Creating Growth Machines

Welcome to Insight Direction, Inc. We're here to help you grow your company. Fast top-line growth, the kind of growth that invigorates your company. We bring you two paths for this transformational growth:

  1. New product development
  2. Re-tuning market strategy to the changing needs of the marketplace

Ever Had A New Product Fail?

After your extensive efforts to craft a great new product, after comprehensive customer research and trials, a smashing introduction to the sales force, you launch the next great new product. You feel really confident about this one.

And it craters.

You're in good company. Over 80% of all new products never see their second year in the market. Think of all the investment that you could have used to fund other needs. All the man-hours, the effort that is gone. Never to come back. Sad.

This doesn't have to be. Insight Direction can reverse those odds.

From consumer packaged goods to heavy industrial equipment, we've helped a wide variety of firms develop and introduce over 200 innovative new products. Products that have reinvented old markets, created new ones.

Our proven process is built on the foundation of a remarkably accurate research process that uncovers the subconscious drivers of the purchase decision.

We've been fortunate to work with companies as large as Kraft and Amoco to startups like Armor Sports and Tetherfree. Take a look at companies we've helped and the products and services we've developed and introduced. We're very proud of these people, products and services.

We are all about helping you with ideas for great new products and helping you take them to market while minimizing your risk. If you want to know more about how we do that, click here.

Have you felt your growth has stalled while your competitors scream ahead?

Does your brand seem tired, worn like an old carpet? As much as you value it, you know it has to change. But to what?

Your market is constantly changing. With each transaction, each new purchase, and each new or modified product, whether from you or your competitors, the market changes. And each change slowly, almost invisibly, degrades the efficiency of how you take your product to market. You need to fine tune your strategy on a regular basis to keep driving growth.

When did you last evaluate your marketing strategy – the entire go-to-market strategy – as if you were entering the market for the first time?

Can this yield sizable growth? You bet. The energetic growth that gets everyone excited to come to work.

We've assisted a wide variety of companies to evaluate their changing market conditions and build a stronger platform for faster growth. It's all based on our unique ability to develop an intimate understanding of your markets coupled with over thirty years of experience across a wide variety of competitive fields.

For more on our approach, click here.

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