Our Beliefs

  1. Marketing is the totality of the processes to create and manage customer relationships - sales force, distribution, marketing communications, customer service, and technical service.
  2. The tactics will only work efficiently if there is an overall, comprehensive marketing strategy focused on the goal of creating and managing customer relationships.
  3. The critical foundation for all marketing strategy is an intimate understanding of the customer and why they buy.
  4. The customer is the person or company individuals who consume the product or service.
  5. Distribution is not a customer in and of itself but only in conjunction with the actual consumer.
  6. Customer relationships are assets.
  7. More customer relationships equal more top-line growth.
  8. The language of marketing is as concerned with customers and relationships, as it is with dollars.
  9. A financial analysis of sales can only tell you the past and present. An analysis of the underlying customer relationships is the only way to predict the future of sales.
  10. The company must be able to place a value on a customer relationship if it is to connect the marketing function to the financial function.
  11. The customer is not buying your product, but only what it will do.
  12. What you want to tell customers is not important to marketing - only what customers want to know is important.
  13. The strategy, resources and talent needed to start a new relationship may differ from those needed to retain and grow it.
  14. CRM has little to do with software and most CRM software has little to do with marketing.
  15. The purchase decision is not exclusively rational; it may be exclusively emotional but most are a combination of both.
  16. Rational does not mean logical but does mean conscious.
  17. "Rational" means, "I have a reason for the purchase that sounds logical," while "emotional" means that it feels like the right or wrong decision. Emotional decisions are usually the right ones.
  18. If the customer is truly buying on price, marketing has failed - unless you are a retailer.
  19. Your best source of new product ideas is your customers.