New Product Clients

Product Market Client
Information Technology / Telecommunications:
Salesforce automation tools Mid-sized service firms Tetherfree
Automated data safety Small to mid-sized companies Restorion
Billing/CRM software Wireless telecom ASC Billing Solutions
Network security small to mid-sized companies Solutionary
Desktop computers, peripherals general business NEC
Telecom service Small to mid-sized business TXU Communications
Lasers fiber optic communications Amoco Laser
Manufacturing Components:
TEKS self-drilling fasteners Auto OEM ITW Shakeproof
SEMS fasteners Auto OEM ITW Shakeproof
Custom plastic molded components Auto OEM ITW Deltar
Ultra needle bearings Auto OEM Torrington
Purse Locks wire clips Electronic OEM ITW Fastex
Cord Clips wire guides Electronic OEM ITW Fastex
Electronic connectors Electronic OEM Amphenol
PIA intermediate Chemical Amoco Chemical
NDC intermediate Chemical Amoco Chemical
Amodel high performance resins Manufacturing Amoco Polymers
Torlon ultra high performance resins Manufacturing Amoco Polymers
Impact polypropylene resins Manufacturing Amoco Polymers
Capital Equipment:
Centac CV air compressor Manufacturing Ingersoll-Rand
SSR air compressor Manufacturing Ingersoll-Rand
SSR Oilfree air compressor Manufacturing Ingersoll-Rand
The New T-30 air compressor Manufacturing Ingersoll-Rand
Manufacturing Capabilities:
Precision metalworking and assembly Medical products Torrington
Electronic contract manufacturing Electronics Hitachi
Curriculum development training Elementary, High Schools About Learning
Gymnasium athletic equipment High Schools, Universities Porter Athletic Equipment
Athletic protective equipment High Schools Armor Sports Holdings
Business Service:
Business consulting Small to mid-sized business Arthur Andersen Enterprise Practice
Telecommunication service Small to mid-sized business TXU Communications
Car rentals Travel Budget Rent a Car
Air travel Travel Midwest Airlines
Consumer Finance:
Credit cards consumer finance Prime Option ? Discover
Food Products:
Coffee Velvet flavoring for coffee Consumer packaged goods Kraft
La Cr?me whipped topping Consumer packaged goods Kraft
Ala Carte entrees Consumer packaged goods Kraft
Sausage Maker flavoring Consumer packaged goods Kraft
Fast Shake Pancake Mix Consumer packaged goods Little Crow Foods
Leavenings Food processing Astaris
Frozen fish Food service Booth Fisheries
Juices Food Service Ocean Spray
Sporting Goods:
AirArmor knee protection Football Armor Sports
Consumer Durables:
35mm cameras general consumer Yashica/Kyocera
Casual furniture general consumer Woodard
Maximum Security door hardware homeowners Schlage
Consumer Service:
Remodeling/repair service homeowners HSS