Do Your New Products Keep You Awake All Night?

Your efforts to build your business through new products might cause more than one sleepless night. Consider that 50% of all new business-to-business products fail — and 75% of all consumer package good products. A big investment goes down the drain.

Hey! Why not wait for some other "brave" soul to come out with the new product and then copy it — try to better it — and not deal with the risk?

Ahhh! Captain of industry. Let the other guy deal with the failures. Just hope they don't put you out of business with their next new product. They might be successful!

What is it you make?

  • Floppy disks?
  • VHS tapes?
  • Film for cameras?
  • Typewriter ribbons?
  • Horse-drawn wagons?
  • Spears?

The risk of not developing new products is much greater than your alternative.

Particularly when we work with you to dramatically reduce that risk. The single greatest reason for new product failure is that the market doesn't buy it. Even after surveys and focus tell you otherwise. Even when the product goes into a test market or beta site, success there does not necessarily mean it will succeed in the market.

Insight Direction has developed specific tools to more accurately determine the success of your new product — before you invest a dime in product development.

This lets you dramatically reduce your risk. You know what your consumer will purchase before you finalize your design.

Our Core Driver research applies a proven methodology to comprehensively define the key and critical drivers to the purchase decision — what drives the buyer to purchase. We not only tell you whether your product will excite the buyer, but why, and what you can do to make it even more successful in the market. You can design to the features and benefits the consumer wants and skip those items that add nothing to the value. And you know the consumer will value your product — and purchase it.

We can dramatically reduce your risk.

Sleep better with Insight Direction.

The Core Driver research process