Fine Tune Your Marketing Strategy

Your markets constantly change. A change in economic conditions, introductions of new products, changes in competitive behavior, a competitor's new sales personnel, changes in customer's personnel — these are just a few of the changes that occur every day.

Each individual change is probably so small that you'll never notice the impact. But over time, the cumulative impact is often huge. And, if you're like most managers, you're focused on executing the tactics of your own strategy not examining every single change.

Eventually, your strategy and tactics are sluggish, not as crisp and efficient as they were when first introduced. The impact on sales and customer relationships has dulled. Sales cycles stretch longer; ad response slides, leads from trade shows decreases, and the trade isn't as excited as they were a few years ago.

Theses are some of the primary signs that your go-to-market needs an overhaul.

A few examples,

A client focused on providing the most energy efficient products. Which they did. But their share stopped growing. We found that the appeal of energy efficiency had faded away. We provided them with a new strategic direction and share growth and sales took off.

Another client marketing through dealers found competitors taking share. We discovered significant changes in the market that dictated a change in their selling strategy but the dealer organization would not change. We helped our client transition to a direct sales force.

A third client's success had been built on the excellent technical assistance provided by their sales engineering force. But now, their market had become technically sophisticated and did not need the expensive service from such a group. A change in channel strategy dramatically cut their cost while share started to grow once again.

Insight Direction will get your growth back on track. Driven by our unique ability to identify the value drivers coupled with our broad experience in developing strong strategic direction our process has helped companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms reinvigorate their entire go-to-market strategy.

The foundation of successful strategy is built on understanding the drivers of the purchase decision. Our proprietary Core Driver research process accurately uncovers the core motivations that drive purchase.

Understand the drivers; revise your strategy to maximize value while minimizing costs. Sales go up, costs go down. Voilá.

Core Driver research process

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